We sell downloadable products on this website.  You will find our categories at the top of this page.

We are constantly adding new products to the website, so check back often.

After we've received your order and payment, we will set your order status to Shipped or Completed.  You will then be able to download your items.

Please note that although there is a watermark on the photo's shown on our website, there will be NO watermark on the products you download. 


Your product is available immediately after payment.

You do not have to wait for delivery.

You do not have additional costs like shipping.

You can save the product to your computer and use over and over again.

The product may be shared over multiple devices, for example an ebook on your computer and tablet or ebook reader.

You only pay once and print as many as you want.

Downloable products doesn't take up space.

Easy to store.

Downloadable products are cheaper than physical products.

No trees are required to manufacture paper for e-books.


We give 10% discount on every order of R200-00 or more.  The discount will be automatically calculated when you complete checkout.  If for some reason it doesn't go of automatically, we will manually calculate it on your invoice.

Free item

Every order placed with us are entitled to one free item for every five items purchased.   Please choose and add your free items from the Free Items category at the top.  ONLY add one item for every 5 items purchased.  So if you buy 1 - 5 items, you qualify for 1 free item.  If you buy between 6 and 10 items, you qualify for 2 free items, and so on.  Also, you can only add ebooks as your free items if you've purchased ebooks.  If you haven't purchased an ebook you have to add your free item from the other categories under free items.  We will remove extra items if you add more than you qualify for.  You are ONLY entitled to a free item if you purchase from our website.

Low order fee

Due to the increase in bank fees we had no choice but to implement a low order fee of R20-00 for orders of R30-00 or less.  This fee will show on your cart until your order reaches R30-00.  As soon as your order reaches more than R30-00 the fee is removed from your cart and doesn't apply. 


If you wish to receive our newsletter, please opt in when you create your account.  We won't crowd your inbox with email.  We only send out the newsletter every now and again when we have exciting news or something else we would like to share with our clients.  You will at the most, receive the newsletter once a month.


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